Which Way Now? 2008

This is a new publication from Careers Scotland that aims to make the decision on which subjects to study after second year a little easier.


“It includes loads of information about Standard Grades and other National Qualifications, as well as an easy-to-use Subject File which offers basic information about a huge range of subjects.


If you're already wondering about what to do after you leave school, Which Way Now? has some great suggestions about Career Planning as well as the low-down on the world of work.


If you're still stuck for ideas, there are Action Points, exercises and quizzes to get you thinking about yourself, your subject options, as well as details of where to go to get further help and advice.”

Who are you?

There are a number of ways to learn more about yourself before deciding which jobs or careers would make a good choice:


1) Careers Scotland provides advice, information and matchmaking techniques. In your own time it is worth, in particular, taking a look at career advice and trying out CareersMatch.


The self-assessment leaflet provided in several different languages is a handy collection of ways to explore your skills and personality.


2) Dr. John Holland is a vocational psychologist whose theories are useful for self-assessment and job-hunting. A good introduction, spread over several pages, can be found here. (This company actually carries out assessments for a fee, but the site has plenty of useful free information.)


3) The University of Waterloo provides a comprehensive set of online self-assessment tools based on Holland’s theories. These can be used in great depth. But the I don’t have time for all this option is quick and useful. The Pride Experiences activity described there is one of the most valuable ways of learning what turns you on.


4) A simple way of using Holland’s theories to point you in the right direction can be found here.


Skills and qualities