Who they are

One of the world’s largest IT companies, with revenue of $104.3 billion for the year ending October 2007. Headquarters are in Palo Alto, California and the company employs over 140,000 people in 178 countries worldwide. UK headquarters are in Bracknell, England. More


Watch how the company started out in a garage.

What they make

Desktop computers, laptops, workstations, servers, handheld PCs, printers, monitors, scanners, digital cameras, digital video and TV, etc.

How they make them

Where they make them in Scotland

HP EMEA Business & Operations Campus

Erskine Ferry Road






Tel: 0870 013 0790

What they want

“HP’s focus on people underlies everything we do. Being known as a great place to work makes it easier to attract top talent. For us, being a great place to work is good business.


HP people live for the big idea. The next great discovery. The new way of being. To us, “Invent” is more than a word. It’s who we are. The very soul of our organization.


Everything we do, we do to make technology more practical, usable, and valuable to our customers.”


What it’s like to work there

“At HP, we believe in the power of ideas. And we believe that ideas thrive best in a teamwork culture. That is why everyone at every level in every function is encouraged to have original ideas, to express them and to share them. We believe anything can be achieved if you really believe in it, and we will invest in your ideas to change lives and working practices.” More


Google Earth

Nice clear images of the Erskine plant, and of the headquarters in Palo Alto and Bracknell.