What I do

Create an atmosphere of cooperation in the group.

Make sure everyone's ideas are heard and respected.

Make sure the group's task is completed.

What I say

“David, would you like to add something?’

“That's a good idea. What do you think Michelle?"

"Do you need some help with that?"



What I do

Present the group's findings and conclusions to the rest of the class.

Answer questions other classmates have about the group's work.

What I say

"What's our decision? I need to know so I can present it."

"What will I say if someone asks me about another point of view?"

"Do we want to say this?"

“This is what our group came up with.”



What I do

Take notes of what members of the group say.

Make sure that written tasks contain contributions from everyone in the group.

Make sure the final draft of an assignment is polished and professional.

What I say

"Could you say that again please?"

“Do we all agree about this idea?”

"I don't understand. Could you explain it again?"

“Let me read what I wrote.”


Materials manager/timekeeper

What I do

Talk to the teacher about materials for the group.

Make sure the group returns materials used.


Keep track of time during activities


Hurry others up when necessary.

What I say

"How many markers will we need to do our poster?"

"Ms Jackson, we need more paper."

"It’s time to take this stuff back."

“We have to hurry up if we want to get finished.”



Sample cards



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