Who they are

Coca-Cola is actually two separate businesses in the UK: Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Great Britain.


Coca-Cola Great Britain owns the brands. It is based in West London and employs around 140 people. It develops new lines and extends existing brands to meet changing tastes.


Coca-Cola Enterprises manufactures and distributes Coca-Cola products in Great Britain, supplying around 240 million cases each year. There are just under 4,600 employees, spread around sites, depots and offices all over the country.


“We’re the people who actually squeeze all that fizz into all those cans and bottles and then make sure they are where they need to be...”


“So where do we fit into that big US company you’ve heard so much about?  Well, we’re a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc – the world’s largest producer and distributor of the Coca-Cola Company’s products. Their head office is in Atlanta in the USA. Our head office is little nearer to home – Uxbridge, Middlesex to be precise.” More


What they make

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, etc. More

How they make them

Watch the different stages involved in making a can of Coke.

Where they make them in Scotland

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

Cold Drinks Centre

52 Milton Road

College Milton

East Kilbride


G74 5DJ


Coca Cola Scotland

What they want

“At CCE we believe there are many types of career, and each one is as unique as the individuals we employ. That’s why we pride ourselves on flexibility, so there is no single fixed idea of what “career” means here.  So, whether you see a career as being happy in your role, or whether your ambition drives you forward to move on to other roles within CCE, you’ll find your ideal career here.”


Top tips for job applicants:


  • Make sure you’re well prepared for your interview
  • Take a copy of your application form so you can confidently talk through it
  • Think of ways that your background matches the position you’re applying for
  • Learn as much as you can about CCE and what we stand for. This website will       tell you everything you need to know about the company and our brands
  • Prepare some questions to ask us
  • If you don’t understand any question, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification
  • Show your enthusiasm for the position
  • Remain calm and above all, be yourself


“Whether you’re at your best at putting your personal skills to test in front of customers, as the steady hand that keeps up the momentum of our manufacturing operation, or the brains behind a nationwide distribution operation, we can offer you the kind of challenge that brings real career satisfaction.”


What it’s like to work there

Watch a recruitment video

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  • Coca-Cola Great Britain launches the first stage of a new, interactive website – www.letsgettogether.co.uk - designed to evolve and be shaped by questions posed by its consumers.
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises will launch Relentless Juiced in March 2008. “Research has shown that 97% of consumers claim an energy need but only 30% currently buy an energy drink because of the taste and perceived naturalness of the drinks already available.”